Depression and Suicidal Tendency among College Students


When you search for the definition of Depression in a dictionary, it will give you this answer: it is a condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless and unimportant, and often unable to live in a normal way.

Depression is one of the most common disorders that affect individual’s ability to perform normal in daily life activities, especially to teens when it comes to their academic performance (Hysenbegassi, Hass, & Rowland, 2005). For me, as a college student, what being said is true, I may not experienced depression but as a youth, I can see from the other teenagers like me that when they are depressed they’re not able to concentrate on what they’re doing, they tend to be alone, and sometimes they have eating problems. Youth experienced depression are nearly of those who are in early adulthood. Thus, episodes of depression occur during their college years (Michael, Huelsman, Gerard, Gilligan, & Gustafson, 2006; Lewinson, Rohde. Klein, & Seeley, 1999). But can depression provoke suicidal attempts to college students?

YES. Depression is one of the major causes of suicide. According to the survey that conducted by the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment in 2009, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for teens and young adults that range in 15-24 years old. Students who are evoked in suicidal thoughts/attempts are mostly related to environmental, inter/intrapersonal, academic and career issues. In other words, both internal and external issues can cause depression and suicidal attempts. But love and academic problems are confirmed to be the main cause of suicide for college students (Chatterjee & Basu, 2010; Furr, Westefeld, Mcconnell, & Jenkin, 2001; Bernard & Bernard, 1982; Schotte & Clum, 1982). Most of the suicide attempts of the college students are they just keep it to themselves because they think that it’s not necessary to tell anyone (Denmark, Hess, Becker, 2012). That’s why it is important that the universities or colleges must be aware on this kind of issues. Lack ok knowledge in protecting college students against auicidal thoughts/attempts can pose a problem to colleges/universities administrators, providers, etc. Because majority of the college students who have suicide thoughts, did not seek professional help. Estimated of 80% of the students who died by suicide never seek/receives counseling from the school (Denmark, et. Al, 2012; Drum, Browson, Burton, Denmar, & Smith, 2009; Gallagher, 2006; Kisch, Leino, & Silverman, 2005; Schwartz, 2006).

Depression and suicide thoughts/attempts shouldn’t ignore, because these two are interrelated to each other. People who has or possessed this kind of behavior must get to a professional or specialist to seek help.


  • Chatterjee & Basu (2010). Perceived causes of suicide, reason for living and suicidal ideation among student. Journal of the Indian Academic in Applied Psychology, Vol.36, 2, 311-316. Retrieved August 17,2015, from

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